Out for a Meal With Baby @ Eastern Seaboard Bar & Grill

As any of our friends will testify, Jules and I (and now Beckett, of course) are big Eastern Seaboard fans. We've been going for the last 5 years and know a lot of the staff at this point, including Jenny and Reuven, the owners. So do take this review as a considered eport on 5 years worth of visits and meals, not just a random Saturday Afternoon. Though it was a Saturday on which we made our latest culinary encounter.

We have had a number of items up for sale that Beckett has grown out of. One of which was his old Maxi Cosi Cabriofix and Isofix Base. Beckett's been in his Axiss for months now and we'd arranged to meet a girl who was buying the old car seat system. Given where she was coming from, Eastern Seaboard was a good landmark, and a great excuse to pop in for some 4th of July food.

We arrived a little after 1pm and the place was still a little quiet but by no means empty. We were seated immediately and there was already a high chair waiting at our table - I'd rung ahead just 20min before to confirm there was a table. Eastern Seaboard use the IKEA Antilop High Chairs which is brilliant. As I've said several times before, we're a big fan and think they are the best High Chair out there while still being compact and easy to clean. Sure we use one at home. Says it all really.

While we perused the menu we asked the waitress to bring us out a Baby Bowl immediately so that we could get feeding Beckett. Eastern Seaboard's Baby Bowl is €2 and comes with a generous portion of mashed potato and an accompanying selection of fresh vegetables (usually carrot, cauliflower and broccoli). You also have the option of gravy.

Eastern Seaboard's Baby Bowl is fantastic. For an exceedingly reasonable price you get very delicious spud and really good quality freshly prepared vegetables. I do recommend it!

Service was prompt and super friendly as always. Though I would find it hard to ever fault Eastern Seaboard's staff. Though I guess it probably does help when the majority of service staff are female and your son is an incorrigible and insatiable flirt. Seriously though, they are brilliant and very attentive. In the end the girl even insisted on taking Beckett's plastic feeding spoon and washing it for us. Not a word said by us. All her own initiative. And while this may seem inconsequential and ultimately a tiny gesture, it was very much appreciated. Truth be told, I've been in many, many places that haven't thought of it.

Jules started with the Crostini and then had the Burger for her main. I too had the Burger, but with Cheese and Bacon, and I started with the Baby Back Ribs. The burgers were both delicious and Jules really enjoyed her Crostini. The Baby Back Ribs, however, were the best ribs I have ever had in my life! I have had ribs are dozens and dozens of places her in Ireland and I have had ribs in even more places across the United States. None have ever come close to these. The meat melted off the bone. The sauce was sharp, sweet and awesomely rich. If you do nothing else in July, get to Eastern Seaboard and order the ribs. Amazing!

All in all... a fantastic visit. I really couldn't fault the guys at all. Let's just hope that next time we have time (and room) for dessert.
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