Baby Led Weaning - How To?

I found myself having a conversation with another parent a few days ago regarding Baby Led Weaning. I was telling her about a particular recipe that Beckett loves and I mentioned that one of the benefits is that he can feed himself. Somewhat shocked she asked what I meant. I told her that because the vegetables and meat were cooked in large chunks, Beckett would pick them up and feed himself. She tried to clarify by suggesting that I obviously meant that he'd play around with a few bits but ultimately we'd need to spoon feed him. I corrected her.

I'm not suggesting that Baby Led Weaning can be easy or that it doesn't usually create a mess, but it is what we feel is best for Beckett and it means from an early age (ie as soon as he was on solids) he is experiencing food as it should be - it's not being given to him as a puree. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be all evangelical and preachy about there being a right and wrong way to teach your child about food and eating; I'm just outlining what we believe and what is working best for us.

The 'how to?' is rather easy. Make sure that the food is manageable for the child. Before they can bite you will need to provide food that if swallowed whole will be ok - think Pea-sized or slightly bigger. However, once they have some teeth and are more comfortable with the whole eating process, the pieces can be bigger - enough for them to hold and get two or possible three bites out of.

To be honest, you just need to dive in and work out what works best for you. I can guarantee it will be a wonderful journey and there is a really special bond being with your baby as they experience new foods and not just new tastes.
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