Babymoov Sweet Night Travel Cot

Owning a good travel cot will serve you in two ways: 1) as the name suggests you'll have a bed for your baby that is easy to bring with you if you're staying away from home, 2) you'll have a place for baby to play safely while mum or dad take care of housework etc. The former is pretty self explanatory - your baby has a comfortable temporary bed that they are familiar with and will sleep in. The latter is, for many, an absolute essential for the stay at home parent who needs to get things done.

We decided on the Babymoov Sweet Night Travel Cot. This was partly based on family members giving it a good report from their own use but also a price choice. The cot folds down quite small and features two wheels to allow you to wheel the folded cot around. It's also very sturdy and has both corner positioned feet and three central feet meaning it won't sag or drop if you have a baby who likes to bounce!

Babymoov Sweet Night Travel Cot Folded

All in all, a great cot that is very reasonably priced at €69.99. This doesn't include the additional cost of a travel mattress but you should be able to pick up a good one for around €30.
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