Songs in the Key of 6am

All in all, Beckett is a great sleeper. In bed by 7.00pm/7.30pm every night and not awake until 7.00am/7.30am the next morning. And he's been that way from 10 weeks. In fact, he's a fantastic sleeper really and it would seem petty to complain about an odd early start. But it's not early starts that I find tough.

After his bottle, which we usually have upstairs in bed, we go downstairs for his breakfast (usually porridge and fruit). Most mornings he'll gobble down his breakfast without fuss or incident. Then there are an occasional few mornings where a distraction is needed to get those last 5 or 6 mouthfuls in. Lately, the only thing that will do it is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog Song. Enough said.
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