Out for a Meal With Baby @ The Lime Kiln

The Lime Kiln only opened in March of this year, making it one of the newest eateries in the area. Located just outside Drogheda, to the South, the Lime Kiln sits on the main street in Julianstown just as you go up (or down) the hill. While the Lime Kiln presents itself as a Gastropub rather than a restaurant, a booking is essential and you will be unlikely to walk in and grab a table. This is something we found out the hard way when we first tried to sample the North East's newest eatery and were turned away. Thankfully we learned, and yesterday (Sunday) we had the pleasure of exploring a new food option in the area.

On entering the Lime Kiln I was pleasantly surprised not to feel like I was in a pub. The decor is a mish mash of different furniture and fittings to give the impression that a troupe of hipsters raided all the local salvage and antique stores and brought every hipster decorating idea they had together, in what is a surprisingly coherent and delightful manner. The chairs aren't all uniform and the central light fixtures hanging below the large skylight are reclaimed mason jars. The overall effect is a room that begs visual exploration. Basically be careful not to spend you meal simply staring around the room looking to discover yet another gem of detail to the whole setting.

I'm glad to say that The Lime Kiln passed its first test with flying colours when we requested a high chair. To both our surprise and approval, The Lime Kiln uses IKEA's Antilop Highchair, just like we do at home. A solid and sturdy piece of kit that you feel safe sitting your baby into. Thankfully the chair was also very clean. Unfortunately something that you do not find in most restaurants.

The second test went as good if not better for the Lime Kiln. When Jules asked about getting Beckett a Baby Bowl or something similar, the waitress told us that would be no problem and that it was complimentary. The option was Mashed Potato and Gravy or Mashed Potato and Soup. We went for the gravy. And although it was a little salty and quite rich, when toned down with the potato it was delicious and Beckett loved it.

Jules had the Burger, with Cheese, and I had the Pulled Pork Sandwich (actually it's kind of a burger too as it is served on a Brioche Bun). We shared the Flat Bread with Spicy Lamb to start. The starter was unfortunately a little bland for both Jules and I. We were expecting a little more from the 'Spicy' Lamb. The flatbread itself was, however, delicious and when we mentioned the spice issue to staff, they immediately offered to compensate us. Jules felt that the burger was missing some relish or sauce but was otherwise delicious. The Pulled Pork was thoroughly excellent and I would highly recommend it.

All in all, The Lime Kiln was a lovely visit and definitely a place we will go back to very soon. From a baby point of view it was also a lovely spot to visit. We were there at 1pm on a Sunday and while the place wasn't immediately busy, all tables were booked / reserved and the place filled up while we ate. So, kids or no kids, well worth a table when you have the chance to pop out for an evening.
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