Baby Led Weaning - Watermelon

I've mentioned before that we're completely pro Baby Led Weaning and will give Beckett every opportunity to feed himself - it just makes sense to us. So this morning for breakfast I was pretty excited to be giving Beckett watermelon. He's had it before but his motor skills have developed significantly since the last time had some and I knew he'd now be a lot more capable of handly the exceedingly juicy and slippery fruit.

As you'll see from the video he has no problem picking up the pieces of fruit and feeding himself. I thoroughly believe that all children should be given the opportunity to feed themselves - it's such a great way to help them further develop their motor skills and to empower them to control the pace and rate at which they eat.

Obviously we can't let Beckett feed himself everything we eat - if it can't be picked up then he's still helped out with a spoon but even then, if it's a meal with chunks of veg or meat, we'll put pieces down in front of him for him to feed himself. I can't wait until tomorrow when I'll be giving him large slices of watermelon that he can pick up and munch on!
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