The Tactical Changing Bag

Your nappy or changing bag is just one thing on a long list of furniture and equipment that new parents will have to buy. And just like every other item you'll need to buy, the options are almost endless. Different sizes, colours, materials etc.

When it came to our Changing Bag we bought a Skip Hop bag. It's a good size and has loads of pockets and storage compartments. It also has its own changing mat to lie baby down on. It's great. But it's no Tactical Changing Bag!

The Tactical Changing Bag from ThinkGeek is a military-inspired bag for carrying all your baby supplies and making you look totally badass. It has 16 different pockets and compartments, a waterproof changing mat and cool 'DAD' and 'MOM' patches.

So very cool and a snip at only US$50, though alas they only ship to the US. Boo-urns :(
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