Out For a Meal With Baby

At least once a week I'm asked where is good to eat out that's baby friendly. Surprisingly, it's not always an easy question to answer. Often the higher end eateries are useless and sometimes it's the greasy spoons that know just how to make things right for a parents eating out with their infant. Given this new medium to share experiences and try to help people out if at all possible, it seems like a good idea to share our experiences when we've eaten out with Beckett.

While there'll obviously be a bit about the food and service and decor and price, the main aim will be to let you know just how easy or difficult it was at an eatery and what offerings / services they had specifically for babies (food options, high chairs, changing facilities etc.). I imagine that most reviews will be of Louth and Meath restaurants, as that's where we generally dine out, however, if we visit anywhere further afield there'll definitely be a feature.

It's late now and there's a Sunday Roast to marinate for tomorrow's dinner, so I'll leave the first review until tomorrow evening. To get things rolling I'll let you know how we got on when we went for lunch in Bia Café in Drogheda today. The above image, in case you're wondering, is from our visit to The Pizzeria a little while back. I'll review it too very soon.
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