Out for a Meal With Baby @ Bia Café

Bia Café used to be a place that Jules and I went to often. It does a delicious range of stirfries while also catering the Irish staples of soups and sandwiches alongside Lasagna, Caesar Salads and an All Day Breakfast. All in all the food was always good. Unfortunately Bia suffered from a horribly inefficient extractor system around the diner style cooking layout. The result: Following any visit your clothes stank of cooking and grease.

This visit we were delighted to discover that the problem seems to have been fixed. The place felt airy and fresh and there wasn't a bad smell of cooking at all. Perhaps there's been a change of ownership? I did ask one of the waiters but they didn't know - they said they were only new.

So what was the place like with Beckett along with us? There's a lot of space to start, so it's easy to navigate in a stroller and maneuver around to any of the tables. For anyone used to driving a stroller you'll know that this is a great thing. They do offer high chairs and thankfully not the awful wooden kind that look like some sort of medieval torture device. They have nice plastic high chairs that are pretty supportive and nice and clean. My only one very small issue with the high chair was that it was about two to three inches too low, and sat below the table level. PErsonally I prefer to have BEckett at least at the same height as us, if not slightly higher.

We ordered a Baby Bowl for Beckett - mashed potato, peas, carrots and gravy on the side. Even at just 9 months old we've experienced many a Baby Bowl in many an eatery and they tend to vary wildly from delicious to absolute rubbish. This was definitely the former. The mash was lightly seasoned and deliciously creamy. The veg were well cooked and tasted equally nice. The gravy was lovely too. We would definitely recommend it.

Jules ordered a Szechuan Chicken Stirfry and I had the Big Breakfast. Both were very good - tasty and well cooked. The staff were very welcoming and friendly. The place clean and well looked after. I have to say, we'll definitely be going back.
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