Washing Toys - Am I Mad?

I recounted an amusing story about something Beckett did last week to a friend over the weekend. Without boring you with the full details of the story, it started by me setting the scene that I was washing a few of his toys at the sink. My friend stopped me, asking why in the world I would be washing his toys - his expectation was that he had been sick on them or something similar.

I explained that as he's teething at the moment, absolutely everything goes into his mouth. This of course mostly consists of his toys as we wouldn't let him hold much else because we know that he'll just try and chew it. Whatever it is!

He was rather surprised and I got the distinct impression, though he didn't say anything, that he thought I may be just a little bit crazy. At the very least, I was certainly being a bit excessive on the whole thing.

So here I am putting it out there - am I crazy for washing toys? Beckett chews on his blocks, various V-Tech toys, stacking rings, connecting shapes etc. so from a hygiene point of view I feel that they need to be regularly cleaned. I don't sterilise them or anything but they are given a good scrub in hot soapy water and then rinsed off and hand dried.

It'd be gross not to, right?
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