Out for a Meal With Baby @ De Lacy's Steak and Seafood Restaurant

On Sunday we decided to go out for lunch and found ourselves faced with the age old question... where are we going to eat? Instead of just going to an old favourite we wanted to try somewhere new. So we threw around a few ideas but ultimately we remembered that De Lacy's in The D Hotel do a '4 course for €20' offer. And that's just too good not to try out. So off the three of us went to De Lacy's.

Initial impressions were very good. The place was spotless and the atmosphere very inviting. The staff welcomed us straight in and let us choose a table that best suited us while they got us a high chair. Speaking of which, the high chair of choice is one of the solid hard plastic variety - very sturdy and comfortable. Our server arrived back quickly with the high chair and our menus. Rather than wait we ordered a baby bowl for Beckett immediately so as to start feeding him before our food would arrive.

Within minutes Beckett's food arrived and to say we were both wowed would be an understatement. This was, without question, the most impressive baby bowl we'd ever seen. A big bowl of mash, a separate bowl of freshly cooked mixed vegetables and a cute little gravy bowl. It wasn't just a good looking dish either - the vegetables were nicely al dente, the mash was smooth and creamy, and the gravy rich and tasty. Honestly, a super dish of food, which Beckett absolutely devoured! Oh, and at €2 you're getting a serious bargain.

De Lacy's Baby Bowl

So with a very happy baby on hand, mama and papa got to think about themselves momentarily. The Sunday Lunch menu is not what you would expect for a '4 course for €20' offer. At least not what I would expect. Generally a menu for this type of offer is limited. Limited in options and limited in offerings i.e you may only get 3 or 4 choices per course and anything 'fancy' will carry a supplement. Not in this case. There are 6 Starters, 7 Main Courses and 6 Desserts, and not a supplement in sight.

Jules went for the Caesar Salad to start and the Roast Sirloin of Beef to follow. I started with the Chicken Wings and also went for the Sirloin for my main. The Chicken Wings were very tasty. Perhaps not as crispy or well done as I would normally like but still very tasty. Jules mentioned that the Caesar Salad wasn't as crisp and the croutons not as garlicky as she'd like. The Roast Sirloin of Beef was very good. A great cut of meat and perfectly cooked. In fact eating it all I could think about was when we'd get a chance to come back some evening and I could try a steak!

De Lacy's Caesar Salad and Chicken Wings

When it came to desserts I went for the medley of homemade desserts and Jules picked the Chocolate and Orange Torte. Both were very good. Especially noteworthy was their sorbet - light, not too frozen and super tasty. A really good accompaniment to dessert rather than a standard fare of ice-cream.

De Lacy's Medley
of Homemade Desserts

So, the final verdict? De Lacy's is a must visit - great value, gorgeous food and a fantastic setting. We highly recommend it for either date night or a family meal out. You won't be disappointed.
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