Holding Your Baby

Flicking through the channels this evening we saw one of those stupid US shows about teens (or very young adults) with babies. I moved straight past it but something caught my attention and I had to look back. The couple on the show were sitting in their kitchen talking. The mum was telling the dad that he needed to spend proper time with their son and that he needed to hold him more. She then asked him what the longest he'd gone without holding their son. '4 days', he said.

4 days!?!

What the hell kind of parent could go a single day, let alone 4 days without holding their child?? Obviously I'm thinking about a situation where both child and parent are in the same house and same room during that period.

The guy in question tried to say that he was doing it to teach his son to be tough and not be dependent. What total nonsense. I immediately disregarded the guy as being an idiot. Still though, it got me wondering. Do some dads actually go for days without holding their children? I really hope not.

Picking up and holding Beckett is the best part of my day. I wouldn't give it up for anything.
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